2019,  Sponsors

Sponsor: In:Quality

Are our sponsors in 2019 of the Live Event or Outside Broadcast of the Year category.

We’re proud to be supporting the Community Radio Awards for another year. We’ve built up a strong relationship with the community sector since launching ipDTL, and it’s great to see some of the outstanding work by volunteers and staff being recognised each year.

Kevin Leach, Founding Director, In:Quality


Building on the success of ipDTL as an ISDN Replacement, In:Quality has launched sip.audio to allow SIP connections to radio stations for sports commentary, outside broadcast and interviews.

Using the Opus audio codec, a SIP account allows high quality AoIP (audio over IP) connections between mobile apps such as Luci Live and Linphone, and studio equipment including Comrex, Tieline, CallMe, Prodys and Telos hardware, or a computer running ipDTL. It’s important to send a cleanfeed from your studio desk to such hardware to avoid the contributor hearing their voice back in their headphones.

As ISDN switch off draws closer, ipDTL has become well established as an alternative way for radio stations around the world to connect for remotes, interviews and media tours. ipDTL’s Send a Link feature makes it easy to connect with podcast guests using just their laptop, a USB microphone, and a pair of headphones. Again, it’s important to send a cleanfeed (or mix-minus) from the audio mixer in the radio studio to the computer’s audio interface.

Outside of the BBC and the UK, a TBU (Telephone Balance Unit) is commonly referred to as a Telephone Hybrid. Offering a cloud based IP system for radio phone-in or talk show management, the word hybrIP therefore comes from mixing hybrid and IP. It means that a radio producer can answer phone calls from listeners on their computer, and forward those calls to the presenter or host anywhere else in the world.

Search #connectinquality to find out more about In:Quality, sip.audio, ipDTL and hybrIP, or check out their YouTube Channel.